Beatles's Tapes 

Wanted in yellow / Sold in Red 



Capitol/Apples tapes   


Abbey Road  L383 *

White Album y2wb101

White Album L101 *

White Album L2101

Beatles VI -Something new Y2T2382

Beatles VI L 2358

Beatles 65 - The Early  Y2t-2365

Beatles 65 L2228

Early Beatles L 2309

Manca MUA 3366MONO

Hard day's night MUA 6366

Hard day's night UAX 6366

Manca UST6366

Help L 2386 *

Hey jude L 385

Let it Be L3401

Magical mystery tour Y1T  2835

Magical Mystery tour L2835

Meet the Beatles Y1T-2047

Meet the Beatles L2047

Revolver Y1T-2576

Revolver ZT 2576 *

Revolver L 2576

Rubber Soul L 2442

Second album Rubber soul  Y2T -2467

Second album L2080

Sgt.Pepper Y1T-2653

Sgt. Pepper L 2653

Yellow Submarine L153

Yellow Submarine Y1W 153


Yesterday and Today Y1T-2953

Yesterday and Today L2553




Capitol 5''



Meet The Beatles Z4-2047

Meet The Beatles Z2-2047

Yesterday and today YT -2553

Sgt.Peppers Gold L2653 canada

Parlophone's Tapes


A Hard days night TA-PMC 1230

For sale TA-PMC 1240

Help TA-PMC 1255

Oldies but gold TA-PMC 7016

Please please me TA-PMC 1202

Revolver TA-PMC 7009

Rubber Soul TA-PMC 1267

Sgt.Pepper TA-PMC 7027

With the Beatles TA-PMC 1206

Off the Beatles Track TA-PMC 1227

John Lennon's tapes


John Lennon M3372

Plastic ono Band L3362

imagine  L 3379


Paul McCartney's  tapes



McCartney L 3363

The Family Way 70136

Wings goodnight tonight

Ram L 3375

George Harrison's tapes

All things must pass D639

The concert for BanglaDesh ZRX 31230



Ringo Starr's tapes


Sentimental Journey L3365

Beaucoups of Blues

The Magic Christian L604


Apple's  tapes




Hopkin Mary



Covers'  tapes

Hollyridge strings playY2T 2223

The Ted Haeth play M74148

The baroque EKC 7306

The Brothers Four

BeatleJazz ATC 844

Stars on long play

Chacksfield plays 

Basie's Beatle Bag

the Percy Faith Strings

Ramsey Lewis cadet 35-821

Get Back