Collezione Motociclette



Peripoli Giulietta





Modello Giulietta 50 cc
Anno produzione 1963
motore monocilindrico a 2 tempi
cav 1,29
Cilindrata 47,6





From WOI Encyclopedia Italia


1957 - 1980s


Peripoli was based in Alte di Montecchio (Vicenza), which in the fifties began to build motorcycles with DEMM engines. In 1962, focus was on a wide range of mopeds and motorcycles with the two-stroke Juliet 50 cc engine. After 1965, the company was the seventh most largest bike manufacturer in Italy, before Bianchi and Gilera in 1967, among the various models the one that stands out in the Minimoto Juliet America, with an average diameter wheels, a two-stroke engine with 50 cc, a four speed greabox and speeds of 40 km/h. Activity continues even in the seventies and eighties, with the production of fine scooters, such as the Nevada, the Go series, Oxford and the original TIR transport, all with Franco Morini 49 cc engines.

The Moped

THE oxford was perhaps the moped that better represented the segment of the tuboni including the Malaguti Fifty, the Motron, and l' OMC R4. In fact, its chassis, that absorbed a tank from 2,5 liters, is "nude", without some plastic supplementary and its shape is especially sporty. The engine is a Franco Morini with cambio to 3 or 4 gears and drum brakes.

Culturally, it can be considered to all of the effects an expression of quell' hedonism reaganiano that also in Italy went spreading itself in that decade. In fact, in the oxford the pleasure of leader is the priority and the oxfordisti consider the actual tubone quite more of a normal one means of transportation. Also the aesthetics became therefore fundamental, was in fact one of the first mopeds provided already of series of determined aesthetic details to that time treated alone from movement of gross rolled. The hoops in league, the Saddle Yankee and the sporty colorings gave back the especially winning oxford, while the strong chassis the passes, shock absorbers for the tires and the engine to 4 relations were all elements sovradimensionati, in a position of to support quite superior requests of those that offered to the gone out some factory; for a long time young still considered one of the more european investment bank fifty in traffic.






The Bicycle

On The skis of the enormous success of the moped, Peripoli put in commerce a whose bicycle aesthetics traced of it a lot the features. It did use of a chassis of equal shape to that of the moped, even if lightened and a little more squared one, to which were attached some pieces of plastic that composed a fairing also very like essa. It was yourselves too a spiccata similarity too for how much pertains the hoops, smaller, lighter but that, always like those of the moped, were in steel, to three double races and in color body. The brakes were at drum in the normal model and to disk in that more expensive. On the chassis a change to joystick to three relations it was ascended and the fanaleria consisted in a comfortable light to previous battery with grating of protection against the stones and a reflector rear. The suspensions to spring took again from an esthetic point of view the typical look of the hydraulic suspensions, by means of a false pistoncino in plastic whipped to the base. The bicycle had the lack of to be weighing, even if very comfortable.





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